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Celebration Circle
Martin F. Carnahan
Jamestown, NY
Aug. 8, 1920 to June 7, 2008

Ruth K. Carnahan
Jamestown, NY
Sept. 12, 1920 to July 8, 2008

In Memory of Bernard Daffos
"beloved father to Bayard - Sherman family"
d. December 2009

Joan Droit

Joan Droit served as an elementary and high school teacher for approximately 40 years. She was a dedicated teacher who believed that every student is capable of learning and achieving great things. Additionally, she represented the Grand Island Teachers Association as the first union president. Most recently, she has served as a Board of Education member. Miss Droit will be remembered as the person who held students best interest at the center of her work
In memory of Anthony E. "Tony" Eberl
West Seneca, NY

Charlotte Frantz

an article about Charlotte Frantz
Roberta (Bobbie) Grimm

Bobbie Grimm, wife of the late Rev. Robert Grimm, and member of Plymouth Congregational Church in Syracuse, died the morning of Oct. 3, 2017. Throughout her life, in various communities that included Syracuse and Buffalo, she and Bob nurtured ecumenical and interfaith relationships. She was an unceasing advocate for the arts and offered her gifts and passion for the liturgical arts in many settings. The Grimms were staunch, long-standing supporters of the New York Conference. A special gift of a stained glass window has been part of the chapel in the Amistad Center for years.

Robert Grimm in gratitude

May 1, 1922 - Aug. 17, 2009
Rev. Robert E. Grimm, longtime advocate for religious tolerance, justice & peace

a letter (to Bob Grimm)
remembering Georg Gerson Iggers Dec. 7, 1926 - Nov. 26, 2017

The local NAACP said of him: Georg Iggers was a good man. He was a devoted husband, and father, grandfather and great-grandfather. He was a respected scholar in the field of historiography. He looked after his students and former students, always doing what he could to help them in their work and careers. Having experienced anti-Semitism as a child in Nazi Germany, he was engaged in civil rights advocacy from the time he was a teenager to the end of his life. He was the chief behind the scenes driver of the integration of Little Rock Central High School. He was a bridge builder, working to connect scholars on both sides of divided Germany, and around the world.
In memory of Arthur L. Johnson
"Sue's Dad"
St. Catharines, Ontario
In celebration of Juliet Schlaffer Johnson
Born to Erica (Schlaffer) and Damien Johnson
July 11, 2008

Fay Honey Knopp

August 15, 1918 - August 10, 1995

an article about Fay Honey Knopp

Laura Kose(nee Fusco) - In loving memory

d. Oct. 15, 2009

Julie Lockett

Julie Lockett Obituary

James F. (Dugan) Moran Jr.
Lakewood, NY
Nov. 9, 1924 to October 5, 2008

Clare Regan

an article about Clare Regan
Cathy Rieley-Goddard's mom in hope of full recovery

Jon Rieley-Goddard in Appreciation for Riverside-Salem and your expanding ministry

Jane Irene Schlaffer
Hopewell Junction, NY
May 11, 1927 to March 21, 2008

Joseph S. Schlaffer
Hopewell Junction, NY
August 19, 1921 to April 2, 2008

Sgt. Daniel J. Shaw
West Seneca, NY
May 7, 1984
Killed in Iraq, November 5, 2007
"Danny left Peaceprints"

In memory of Jane Elizabeth "Betty" Sheldon
Lakewood, NY
"A very special lady"
In loving memory of Marie Shoemaker

Margaret Stinson

an article about Margaret Stinson
Rose M. Sutherland - In Loving Memory

Jim Tompkins

A superlative craftsman and builder devoted to peace, with a loving and caring family and community--what more may any of us wish? Jim served as sexton (and more) at Riverside-Salem for many decades, taking care not only of our buildings but helping assure our continuous witness for Creation care, justice, and peace. And he kept our personal houses/homes safe and sound, too. He was a person who both gave and received respect and loving kindness. What an honor and a pleasure to try to carry on in his spirit!
In memory of Autumn C. Turner
Jamestown, NY

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